What to pack for fly fishing with John Perry

Packing for a Fly Fishing Trip in Montana

You've made your reservation... now it's time to think of what to pack!

Packing for A Fishing Trip

Are you planning a fishing trip in Montana? Great!! Prepare for the time of your life!

After you have booked your trip with John Perry Fly Fishing, now you have to start packing. Here are our suggestions about what to pack for your fly fishing trip with John Perry and his excellent guides on the rivers of Montana.


What We Provide:

► Flies, line, tippet and extra fly rods and reels, as needed
► Transportation to and from the rivers
► Lunches, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
► Instruction – as little, or as much as you desire!

What You Need To Bring:

► Fly Rods – Bring two rods in case of an accident. 8-1/2 to 9, 5 to 6 weight are standard. If you want to bring a 4 weight, we’re not stoppin’ you!
► Reels and Lines – Single action fly reels with 75 to 100 yds of backing and a weight forward or double taper fly line matching the rods. Bring two if possible.
► Leaders – 7-1/2′ to 9′, 2x to 6x are standard. We usually provide these, but it can’t hurt to bring some.
► Flies – We usually provide these. We can also stop into a shop along the way to pick up extras.
► Accessories – This includes floatant, split shot, lead sleeves, nippers. Tippets are provided by us.
► A Montana Fishing License – We can stop for this or you can go online and purchase it before hand at https://app.mt.gov/Als/Index

Personal Items:

► Rain gear – You’ll want waterproof and high quality rain gear. The right kind of rain gear can make or break an enjoyable day on the river, especially during the spring and fall seasons. Pack lightweight gear including waders for the summer and warmer gear (neoprene waders) for the spring and fall.
► Hat or Cap – Pack a wool hat for cooler seasons and a wide brim hat in the summer for sunburn prevention.
► Underclothing – Especially in the cooler months, we encourage you to bring undergarments for warmth (sweaters, sweatshirts, long johns, wool socks etc.).
► Gloves – Definitely recommended for the cooler seasons.
► Shirts and Pants – During the summer months, a set of warmer clothing is suggested for that odd day. Shorts are ideal for summer, but beware of sunburn!
► Shoes – Many people use wading sandals or sandals during the warmer months and many even wear sneakers. Wading shoes are required for the cooler seasons.
► Sunglasses – Polarized Sunglasses are the best, and we suggest an eye-glass holder. Glasses slipping off your head and into the water are hard to find!
► Sunscreen/Sunblock – This is vital during the summer trips, as the high sun reflects off the water and can cause severe sunburn.
► Any Medications or Medicine – Please bring any medication that you need regularly or might need in an emergency (asthma inhaler, for instance…).
► Bug Spray – You will want this sometimes… it’s good to bring it with you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email John Perry.
Toll Free: 800-580-9703 / Local: 406-825-2997
Email: sherlock@johnperryflyfishing.com