John Perry Tying Fly Fishing FliesA lot of people know me because of my flies, which have now been used in rivers around the world. After my hunting season is over and everything outside is snowy white, I stoke up the fireplace and hunker down for a few intense months of tying flies.

I usually tie between 300 and 400 dozen flies during the weeks and months that I’m not out on the rivers of Montana. At John Perry Fly Fishing, we provide all the flies for our clients on our trips. I spend the winter months tying flies to get my boxes full of some of my old stand-by patterns. I also come up with some new fly patterns… some that don’t even have names yet! If you would like to place orders for any of my flies, you should know I sell them in dozen lots. They cost $30-36 USD per dozen, depending upon the pattern.

All my flies are stage and triple-glued, using the finest materials available.

Popular patterns for sale are Bugmeisters, Transformers (all colors), Hymen Hoppers, Congo Caddis, Nightmares, Extended Bodies and The Wickeds.

Email me at if you want to order some flies!