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When we talk about the fish of Montana, we are referring to the approximately 30 game fish that we fish in the rivers and lakes of Montana.

There are ten native species of trout, and six non-native species.

The cutthroat trout is the Montana state fish, and there are a few species of cutthroats. The westslope cutthroat trout is also called the black-spotted, red-throat or common cutthroat and is a freshwater fish in the salmon family. The scientific name of the cutthroat subspecies isĀ Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi, because it was first described in

Fish of Montana with John Perry

William Clark’s journals from the famous Lewis & Clark expedition when they found it in the Missouri River near Great Falls. The average length of the common cutthroat is 8-12 inches and you rarely find one over 18 inches.

The Yellowstone cutthroat…