Rock Creek Montana FishingAre you ready for some fishy fun in February? Try Rock Creek. With air temps in the 40’s and low 50’s Rock Creek has been producing good amounts of midge activity in the mid-to upper sections over the past couple of weeks. The best time to fish Rock Creek is usually between 11 am and 3 pm daily.

Some sections are a bit better than others. Several of my Rock Creek buddies have been nailing nice cuts, rainbows and browns up to 15 inches using dry midge patterns size 18-22. The lower to mid-parts of Rock Creek are producing larger fish up to 17 inches using small streamers and a very slow retrieve. For those of you who are nymph fisherman, Pat’s rubber legs size 10-14 have been working in some of the deeper runs.

There’s no more excuses about having nothing to do in February. Get out there, and enjoy the weather and very good fishing on Rock Creek! E-mail or call John Perry’s Rock Creek Montana Fishing for more details about the best spots to fish on Rock Creek this time of year, as well as booking the best fly fishing trips near Missoula. Good Luck! John Perry